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Bed Bugs


Bedbug life cycle

Bed Bugs are secretive creatures that spend most of their time hiding in small cracks and crevices.  They are usually most active between 2:00 or 3:00 am, coming out of hiding to feed. However, if hungry enough, bed bugs have been known to search for food during the day. The young ones are the size of a pinhead and are extremely hard to locate.  Most people won’t be aware of their presence until the bed bugs have been in the room for weeks or even months – enough time for the population to grow and spread throughout the entire building.  These infestations are very costly and extremely difficult to control.

At Bed Bugs Only, a division of QFI Pest Control, we are constantly refining our approach for the early detection of infestations.  Our professional technicians firmly believe in using bed bug monitoring systems for early bed bug detection. These monitoring systems are safe and effective, non-toxic and rely on proven techniques.  They are suitable for homes, apartments or condominiums as well as commercial properties such as hotels, resorts and vacation homes.  They even work in health care and assisted-living facilities, universities and buildings for public assembly.

Our unique bed bug monitoring systems utilize a variety of monitoring devices which are easy to install and quick to inspect. However, they will not eliminate an infestation. So whether you suspect you have bed bugs but don't know for sure, or if you have found evidence of bed bugs or bed bug bites, contact us immediately!

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bedbug bites
nurse taking care of patient
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