Pocket Gophers

The Northern pocket gopher (often mistakenly called a mole) is a burrowing rodent about 17.5 to 22 cm long. The head is broad with small eyes; its short ears barely extend beyond the fur. The body is narrow and thinly covered in brownish-grey fur except for the lighter underside with some white on the throat, chin and chest. The tail is about half the length of the body. The northern pocket gopher has noticeable sharply pointed, curved claws on its feet with which it digs its underground burrows throughout the year. As it burrows it pushes up small mounds of excavated soil. They can cause severe damage to fruit trees by feeding on roots, often killing young trees.

To avoid pocket gopher damage to replanted trees, apply one or more of the following control methods to rid the property of the pest before or at the time of replanting. Closely monitor for activity by checking for fresh push-ups, especially along borders adjacent to infested lands.

The pocket gopher is a thick-set rodent, measuring 6-9 inches in length. It has short, brownish fur, a lighter underbelly and some white on the chi


reabouts of nearby enemies. Long, protruding incisor teeth continue to grow an estimated two feet throughout the life of a pocket gopher. Constant wear keeps tooth length in check. Pocket gophers have strong forelegs and long, curved front claws adapted for prolonged digging.

Squirrels can be the source of a host of problems, including:

  • Inhabit Homes - Squirrels generally inhabit wooded areas and nest in trees, but will frequently establish themselves in attics or garages, where they’ll store their food and take up shelter.

  • Gnaw on cables, wires, stored items, walls - Similar to other rodents like rats and mice, squirrels can do quite a bit of damage, gnawing on cables and electric wiring, any items in storage, sprinkler heads and on the exterior and interior walls of a structure.

  • Noisy; bite if cornered - Squirrels are also noisy in their activities and will bite if you corner them.

  • Dig up landscaping/gardens - Squirrels have been known to dig up garden beds and damage fruit-bearing trees and vegetable gardens.

  • Strip bark - Squirrels will strip bark from trees and ornamental plants.

Everybody likes squirrels. They’re cute, they’re funny, and they’re always up to something rascally. When that “something rascally” has to do with inconveniencing you in your own home, however, they’ve gotta go. An infestation of squirrels in your home can put your home at risk of damage and cause health concerns for your pets and family.

Anytime you need some help with a rowdy rodential resident in your home, give us a call. We can safely and effectively 

assist you in removing the squirrels and make recommendations so that your property does not become infested again.

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