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Pocket Gophers

The Pocket Gopher (often mistakenly called a mole) is a thick-set burrowing rodent measuring 6-9 inches in length. The head is broad with small eyes; its short ears barely extend beyond the fur. It has short, brownish fur, a lighter underbelly and some white on the chin. It's tail is about half the length of the body.

Long, protruding incisor teeth continue to grow an estimated two feet throughout the life of a pocket gopher. Constant wear keeps tooth length in check. Pocket gophers have strong forelegs and noticeable sharply pointed long, curved front claws adapted for prolonged digging, to dig its underground burrows throughout the year.


As it burrows it pushes up small mounds of excavated soil. They can cause severe damage to fruit trees by feeding on roots, often killing young trees.

To avoid pocket gopher damage to replanted trees, apply one or more control methods to rid the property of the pest before or at the time of replanting. Closely monitor for activity by checking for fresh push-ups, especially along borders adjacent to infested lands.

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