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Pest Inspections

Paved Terrace

Pest issues can plague the home buying or selling process. It's best for both the buyers and sellers to ensure proper pest inspections are done.


QFI Pest technicians will examine the interior and exterior of the home for signs of a pest infestation. They will look for small holes, cracks, and other places that would allow insects or rodents to enter. They also will check for signs of pests near the home’s foundation, such as termite mud tubes. Special attention will be given to areas where pest infestations can often go unnoticed.


If our technicians find signs of a pest infestation, they will point out damage to be repaired and recommend a course of action to eradicate the pest problem. A report will be created, identifying the areas of concern and laying out QFI Pest Control’s recommendations.


Proper pest management should involve more than just services done during times of pest invasions or home purchases. Consistent preventative care will keep pest damage from occurring - ultimately saving the thousands of dollars that might be spent on pest eradication and fixing damaged property.


Discover the difference QFI Pest Control can make!

Pest free homes don't happen by chance. Call us today to protect yourself when purchasing your dream home!


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