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Bed Bugs


Heat Remediation Treatment


"Heat Treatment" means heating the entire home along with all the contents. Heat Remediation is a green, environmentally friendly treatment, as no pesticides are applied. One heat treatment will kill all phases of bed bugs - egg, nymph and adult. No personal effects should be brought with you on the day of treatment. This includes clothing. A fresh outfit should be prepared (including shoes) by running items through a dryer for 30 minutes and place in sealed plastic bag. The heat treated areas may be re-occupied within an hour after treatment with no health risks at all. Heat treatment is the perfect application for small outbreaks, heavy infestations and for anyone wishing to keep pesticides out of their home or facility.



Successful Heat Remediation is a partnership between the occupant and the pest technician.

Items that must be removed from treatment areas :


  • Pets – Including fish in aquariums

  • Money and valuables

  • House Plants

  • Fresh Food – fruits, vegetables, etc. (put in refrigerator and leave refrigerators and freezers plugged in)

  • Food that melts – chocolate, candy, etc.

  • Prescription and over the counter drugs or place in fridge

  • All cosmetics, nail polish etc.

  • All items containing any alcohol, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, medical prep pads etc.

  • Take down all plastic blinds - the heat will make them droop & become unusable

  • All firearms and ammo, gun powder fireworks etc.

  • Wax based items – Candles, wax figurines and fruit, lipstick

  • Anything pressurized – spray cans, fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, hairspray, etc.

  • Flammables – Lighters, lamp fuel, alcohol, solvents, etc.

  • Wooden and stringed musical instruments – leave the cases

  • Family heirlooms and irreplaceable items should be inspected and a determination made as to whether they should be removed.


Papers, smaller items: Heat Remediation treatment requires moving large amounts of air to be successful. All items that can be blown around and possibly damaged need to be protected.

  • Loose papers need to be gathered and boxed.

  • Glass items, knick-knacks etc. will need to be secured.

  • Do not leave breakable items on shelves or other areas where damage could happen.


Electronics: Televisions, computers, video players, stereos, etc. Electronics are a hiding place for bed bugs; do not remove electronics from areas being treated.

  • Switch all electronics to the off position.

  • Disconnect all electronic appliances by unplugging from the wall outlet.


Waterbeds and airbeds:

  • Waterbeds will need to be drained. If the waterbed is not drained, it will prevent the frame from reaching lethal temperatures.

  • Air beds will need to be partially deflated to avoid damage. Select comfort type air beds with an electronic pump must be partially deflated and unplugged from the wall outlet.


Clothing: We can heat treat all clothing in thinned-out drawers and closets.

  • Clothing that is hanging can stay as long as it’s not too tightly packed together.

  • If treating clothes in a dryer, fold and store in carefully labeled and sealed plastic bags after removal from dryer.


Beds and Bedding: We can heat treat blankets and duvets as these can be difficult to wash and dry in machines.

  • Strip all bedding from the beds and treat in a hot dryer.

  • Treat all sheets and covers in a hot dryer.

  • Fold and store everything in sealed plastic bags.

  • Dismantle bed frames, if required.

  • Empty night stands, remove un-heatable items.

  • Certified bed bug mattress, box spring and pillowcase covers are available for purchase through QFI Pest Control. 


Carpets, Rugs, and Curtains: These items can be heat treated

  • Installed carpets should be vacuumed before and after heat treatment. 

  • All area rugs, mats and curtains need to be hung to ensure an effective treatment.


  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.

  • Thin out all cabinets and drawers to allow for heat penetration.

  • Move furniture away from walls.


Organizing: A clutter-free environment will help prevent the return of bed bugs to your home.

  • After completion of heat remediation treatment, ensure that your home is organized, clutter-free and regularly cleaned. 

Hoarding/Excess Items in the home

An infestation of bed bugs in a home that is excessively full of items (referred to as hoarding) requires a very specialized service. Each situation will be individually assessed. Most often, it is best for all items to be removed to properly heat treat the structure; however, to prevent the spread of bed bugs to other dwellings special precautions must be taken. In these sensitive situations, our technicians can suggest and help implement an appropriate course of action. From renting specialized storage containers to hiring specialized cleaning companies, QFI Pest Control can assist with whatever is required to make sure that the heat treatment will be 100% successful.

A successful heat treatment starts with good preparation.




Items to remove from home during bed bug heat treatment

Be sure to remove these items before heat treatment.

Heat remediation treatments can accomplish what traditional pesticides will never be able to do on their own - the complete elimination of all bed bugs and their eggs within the heat treatment area. Where a continued bed bug control program is necessary, QFI Pest Control will recommend combining heat treatment with a long lasting-residual life chemical treatment. 

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