To the untrained eye, all cockroaches may look alike. However, there are actually five species of significance. German, Brown-banded, Oriental, American and Common Wood cockroaches are all unwelcome pests. The most common cockroach in Canada is the German cockroach. Both male and female are winged. Color is light brown with two dark brown stripes running lengthwise on the thorax (middle section). It has a flattened oval body with long spiny legs and measures 15 mm (3/4") when fully grown.


Found in abundance throughout the world, cockroaches rank among the oldest and most resilient of insects on the planet. Cockroaches have adapted to survive wherever people can live and have become closely associated with humans and manmade structures. The remarkable survival abilities of the cockroach enable the formerly tropical insect to thrive in a variety of climate zones, including temperate regions of Canada. Most likely introduced through international commerce, Canadian cockroaches are found as far north as Nunavut. The indoor presence of cockroaches often creates an unsanitary situation and can pose various health threats to humans.

Oriental Cockroach
Common Wood Cockroach

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Brown Banded Cockroach
American Cockroach
German Cockroach
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