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Discovering termites on your property can be extremely frustrating. These pests can cause insurmountable damage to your home’s foundation and need to be exterminated in a timely fashion to reduce potential structural problems.


The Western Subterranean Termite perform the important task of breaking down the large quantities of dead and fallen trees and other sources of cellulose that continuously accumulate in the forests. Unfortunately, they also attack wooden structures, and if left uncontrolled, will cause weakening and collapse of the structures due to their feeding activity. The presence of termites in buildings is cause for concern not only from the standpoint of safety but also the cost of preventing further structural damage and replacing damaged wood.


Dampwood Termites inhabit and feed on wood with high moisture content. Since most homes do not have very moist structural timbers, dampwood termites are not classified as major structural pests in North America.

However, if your home has damp wood, termites can infest it and build nests. When dampwood termites infest homes, their point of entry is often wood-to-ground contact.


QFI Pest Control successfully controls and manages termite populations with our integrated approach to treatment. The use of a termiticide will eliminate any active population in and near the structure, and create a protective barrier around the concrete foundation. QFI Pest Control also offers preventative pre-treatments for new construction. 


Call us for information on protecting your biggest investment!!

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