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Bed Bugs


Any home, resort or institution can get bed bugs, but every situation is unique. 


Bed bugs are equal opportunity pests.  They don’t care where you live or how much money you have invested in your home.  They do not discriminate based on age, sex, race or religion.  Bed bugs and their eggs can be anywhere in a room – on your clothes, in the carpet, or even in your computer. 


At QFI Pest Control, we will tailor an effective treatment program that reflects the views and values of the client.  Our professional technicians work with the design of the house, resort, or institution and customize an approach for each room we treat. We recognize unusual or difficult situations and deal with them effectively using methods that are thorough so every possible bed bug refuge is sought out and treated.


When you suspect the presence of bed bugs, every moment counts.


An infestation usually starts out with a small number of bugs – perhaps only one or two.  Due to their small size and secretive, nocturnal behavior, most people will not notice them until there are several bed bugs.  This means that the original bugs have been laying eggs daily for quite a while.  If you have recently discovered bed bugs in one of your rooms, then now is the time to call us. The sooner you call us the sooner we can help you. Procrastinating will only allow the problem to get worse.


Bed bugs have very few weaknesses and are difficult to eliminate without professional help. 


Bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices – even inside the walls.  They affix their eggs in these places with a sticky substance that keeps them from being vacuumed up.  They can live for months without feeding, and can live for days at -10 degrees or in a pure nitrogen atmosphere.  Some bed bug strains are even completely resistant to the best chemical insecticides (pyrethroids).


There is a new weapon in the war against bed bugs!


Bed bugs and their eggs have one significant weakness – heat.  They start dying at 45 C (113 F) and the eggs die at 49 C (120 F). Our recipe for success is our exclusive direct heat remediation system. Our technician will heat the room and maintain the temperature for several hours while the heat penetrates into the walls, furniture, books, equipment – everything in the room. Warming the entire room and all the contents to a lethal temperature is the new weapon in the war against bed bugs.


We can help you!


When you call QFI Pest Control, our Bed Bugs Only Division will arrange for a professional technician to meet with you as soon as possible. A thorough examination will determine the extent of the problem. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and know the ways to effectively treat bed bugs. Through prompt action, we can save you significant time, money and embarrassment by minimizing negative impacts:

  • Prevent negative publicity in print, radio, television and internet media.

  • Reduce the downtime for rental units and keep them on the market.

  • Reduce the risk of spreading the infestation to other rooms or rental units.

  • Minimize the cost of treatment.

  • Preserve good customer relations.

Our concept is simple.  We will work cooperatively with our clients and their staff to facilitate the early detection and elimination of bed bug infestations and to help reduce the legal liability that grows as fast as the bed bug population.

Prevention and inspection services available.


QFI Pest Control offers regular inspection programs. And, our specialists can educate and train you so that the possibility of infestation is minimized. Through an ongoing bed bug detection plan, the use of monitoring devices and by following the technician’s recommendations, you can dramatically reduce the potential of a small bed bug problem becoming a widespread invasion. 

Find out more, call us today! 

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