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Box Elder Beetle


Adult box elder beetles are ½ inch in length and are black in color with red markings on their wings and behind their head. Box elder beetles get their name from their main food source, the Box elder tree. They suck the sap out from the leaves, seeds and shoots of the tree. They are also found feeding on maple and ash trees.


Box elder beetles often enter homes during the fall months when the weather starts to cool off. They are looking for a warm shelter in which to spend the winter.


They are not a dangerous pest but could cause problems for homes when they congregate in large numbers as they are likely to do. Boxelder beetles do not sting or bite. They do not cause structural damage to your home. Unlike termites and carpenter ants, they won’t eat you out of house and home! They are primarily a nuisance pest. Their droppings may cause a red stain, so if they make it inside your home, you may find discolouration on your curtains, drapes, or clothing.

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