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Despite being generally perceived as a pest, the earwig is a beneficial insect because it helps in the decomposition of detritus and feeds on destructive insects. In nature, they may appear under tree bark or beneath stones. 


Earwigs tend to prefer dark places rich in moisture and prefer to forage at night. The insects therefore rest in narrow cracks in foundations, under floorboards, and in other tight spaces around the home. Damp and dark basement areas with multiple cracks in the foundation provide perfect hiding places for the pests. Garbage and refuse may also attract earwigs, as will piles of leaves, vegetation, and mulched areas. The insects release pheromones which may lead other earwigs to assemble in the area. 

Earwigs can pose multiple problems for home and business owners. The pests present various issues by feeding on flowers, vegetables, ornamental trees, and shrubs. To fully remove an earwig infestation and reduce the chances of future problems,

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