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Green House

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for controlling pests, treating for:


Bed Bugs

Wasps and Hornets 

Rats, Mice and Voles

Ants including Carpenter Ants

Pocket Gophers and Ground Squirrels

​Elm Seed Bugs and Box Elder Beetles

Carpet Beetles


....and many, many other pests

Has your home been invaded by any of these pests? The mere thought of these critters may send shivers down your spine. Beyond the emotional toll, there’s also the physical damage and nuisance. One thing’s for sure: It’s time to take back your home.

We believe in an IPM approach to pest control. Integrated Pest Management means taking the time to listen to our customers, identifying the pest, looking for ways to prevent the problem from getting worse, treating the problem with the minimal amount of chemical possible and offering solutions and advice to keep pests from becoming a problem in the future.

We care deeply about you, your children, your pets and the environment. That is why we use "preferred pesticides" where possible. Preferred pesticides are the safest pesticides for you, your children and your pets. They have little to no effect on the environment while offering the most effective pest control options in the industry. We are always on the watch for better products and we keep up to date with the latest methods, techniques and continuing education.

We love our community. We love to watch it grow and hope to continue growing along with it. We take pride in the relationships we have with our customers and feel honored when those relationships turn to friendships.

There are a lot of pest control companies out there, so we know it’s difficult to decide which to choose. We’re not like the big pest control companies, and we’re proud of it. What can you expect from our service? We take the time to listen to your needs and do the job right … from initial inspections and treatments to preventative measures.

Schedule your service now and discover the difference QFI Pest Control can make.

QFI's protection plans are more than preventative pest programs.

They provide peace of mind - 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Start today to enjoy pest free surroundings all year long!​​


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