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Looking for love in all the wrong places

If you are one of those folks that use reflective moments for being grateful that spiders don’t fly, then QFI Pest Management has a program for you.

It is not a therapy program for arachnophobia but you will find that the QFI Pest Management team is respectful of people’s intense and debilitating fear of spiders. We won’t make fun of you. We will do something about the spider problem where you live.

Apparently, spiders coming into houses in the autumn are lovers, not fighters. They aren’t coming in from the cold. Rather, they have left their webs looking to mate. They be looking for love, so to speak.

QFI Pest Management can make your home the wrong place for spidey love. There is good reason for wanting to interrupt spider life cycles within your home. You see, if mating takes place the female will lay up to 1000 eggs! Those many little eggs, laid on a silk pad and wrapped in a silk spherical cocoon, may give new meaning to the Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin.”

Spiders can live one to three years in a house. Female tarantulas can live for 20 years!

If this information is making you twitch, call QFI Pest Management. Our motto is “what you own is no place for pests to roam.” That means we have a spider spray program. Call us at 250-808-9068!


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